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Conclusion of the Rosetta Strato Crowdfunding Campaign
24 February 2017

The Rosetta Strato Charity Campaign has come to a close! The donated plush toys and proceeds will now go to Universe Awareness (UNAWE) in support of our mission to inspire every child with our wonderful cosmos. Our Communication Officer visited Design & Data GmbH in Germany and received the donations on behalf of UNAWE. Finally, we are ready to announce the winner of the raffle for the unique Rosetta Strato toy.

Design & Data GmbH collaborated with UNAWE to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Contributors could purchase a Rosetta toy, or donate one that will be distributed throughout the UNAWE network, to aid the work of educators in underprivileged communities.

Donations from contributors also included them in a raffle to win an authentic, one-of-a-kind Rosetta Strato toy. This specific toy has been launched into the stratosphere and returned to the Earth’s surface. On the toy, you can still see markings of its flight and landing! Keep reading to find out who won Rosetta Strato.

The final step of the crowdfunding campaign is sending the remaining donated toys to where they are needed most: underprivileged schools around the world. We will organise a contest to distribute the donated Rosetta toys. With the help of the participants of the contest, we can include educational activities to use the toy in learning environments.


Crowdfunding campaign details

In total the campaign was supported by 54 backers with €2,288 raised on Indiegogo. 41 plush toys were bought and 25 were donated for UNAWE’s network, proceeds amounting to €545 in support of UNAWE’s work. Design & Data decided to graciously top up this sum to €1000.

Left-to-right: Michael de Korte, Rosetta Strato and Sebastian MarcuCEO of Design & Data GmbH, Sebastian D. Marcu (on the right), awarded the proceeds in the form of a large symbolic cheque to Michael de Korte (on the left), who accepted the cheque on behalf of UNAWE. The Rosetta toy in this photo is the real Rosetta Strato plush.


Rosetta Strato raffle

Together with the charity campaign was a raffle, where one lucky supporter had the chance of winning the one and only Rosetta plush that has flown to the stratosphere. Congratulations to Karen Masters! The toy will soon be on its way to you.

Follow the Rosetta Strato mission on social media at #RosettaStrato.


Word of thanks

We would like to thank Design & Data GmbH for all their hard work and effort. Thanks to your collaboration and contribution, educators in remote regions around the world can inspire many curious children in their local areas and share the wonders of our cosmos. We appreciate everything you have done for us and them.

And let’s not forget the participants of the crowdfunding campaign: the contributors! Without you, this would not have been possible. Thanks to people like you, we can share more of our exciting Universe with the world.

Thank you all so much!



Sebastian D. Marcu
CEO, Design & Data GmbH
Tel.: +49 221 169 23 207

Michael de Korte
Communication Officer, Astro & Society Group
Tel.: +31 71 527 5881


Michael de Korte



Charity Campaign awards
Charity Campaign awards