The Earthball is a fantastic tool for discussing our planet with children, combining playtime with education!

Cecilia Scorza, EU-UNAWE Germany

Deadly Moons Activity

In this activity, children learn through art and science about the moons of our Solar System.

The term ‘Deadly’ comes from the response of young Irish children who first did this activity. Moons that look like flying saucers, moons with volcanoes, moons that explode and shoot frozen water hundreds of kilometres into space, were considered so awesome they were ‘deadly’.

In this activity children view and then vote for the ‘deadliest moon’. They then draw that moon from a still image on a screen. The main objective of Deadly Moons is to combine the goals/methods of learning through art and science, to foster the skills of observation and recording the many moons in the solar system and at the same time stimulate an appreciation of their beauty and wonder, to inspire children to investigate further the bodies within our solar system.


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