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In the Land of Beauty: GalileoMobile documentary
30 January 2015

GalileoMobile, the traveling science education programme supported by Universe Awareness released a new documentary about astronomy outreach projects organised in Uganda in 2013. In the Land of Beauty, named after the Ugandan national anthem, tells the story of a group that embarks on a 15-day journey through southern Uganda, to teach astronomy in an engaging and inspiring way. During the expedition, GalileoMobile visited five schools and hosted a series of lectures, hands-on activities and observations to teach learners about the cosmos.

GalileoMobile’s mission aligns with that of Universe Awareness: to inspire and educate children using astronomy. In the documentary, a team member explains that their goal is not to teach astronomy, but rather to use astronomy as an ambassador of science. To this end, the team organised an array of activities for the learners as well as training for teachers.

The documentary reflects GalileoMobile’s vision of people across the world being united “under the same sky” and is presented from the perspective of learners, teachers as well as the GalileoMobile team. The film conveys a message of integration and acceptance between cultures and gives an account of the intricate relationship between science and religion as experienced by the learners.

GalileoMobile is an initiative that started as an International Year of Astronomy 2009 cornerstone project and has grown into a successful programme. Beside Uganda, GalileoMobile has been to Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, India and Colombia. You can keep updated on all GalileoMobile's activities via Facebook or the project's blog!



In the Land of Beauty GalileoMobile
In the Land of Beauty GalileoMobile