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It is only with the continued support of educators, parents and the astronomy community that we will fulfil the goals of EU-UNAWE.

Carolina Ödman Govender, former UNAWE International Project Manager

Universe Awareness Student Ambassador Programme

Universe Awareness (UNAWE) uses the beauty and grandeur of the Universe to encourage young children (between 4 and 10 years old), particularly those from an underprivileged background, to develop an interest in science and technology. The programme also aims to use the cultural aspects of astronomy to foster a child’s sense of global citizenship from the earliest age. UNAWE is endorsed by UNESCO and the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and it is now an integral part of the IAU Strategic Plan 2010–2020, which is called Astronomy for the Developing World. To help UNAWE to achieve its goals, we are now recruiting UNAWE Student Ambassadors.


UNAWE Student Ambassadors can be either BSc, MSc or PhD students of astronomy, space science, physics, mathematics, social sciences or another relevant topic for the UNAWE programme. The Student Ambassadors will be recruited and coordinated by the UNAWE International Office, which is based in Leiden University, in collaboration with the UNAWE national programmes.

Benefits to the UNAWE Student Ambassador

Being a UNAWE Student Ambassador is an opportunity to inspire the next generation of scientists and to help make a difference in disadvantaged communities. Furthermore, by joining the UNAWE Student Ambassador programme, you will be participating in a world-renowned programme and will gain valuable insight into planning astronomy outreach and education activities.

What is expected of the UNAWE Student Ambassadors?

The most important qualities that are needed in a UNAWE student ambassador are enthusiasm and passion for astronomy. Having strong social skills is desirable, but this is something that the student will also develop as they carry ou their UNAWE activities.  

All Student Ambassadors are required to participate in at least one UNAWE activity every 6 months. Within a week following each event, they must provide a short report (about 300 words) about the activity, as well as a few (high resolution) photos from the event.

Ideas for  activities

To get started, please see the UNAWE Student Ambassador Quick Start Guide.


  • Organise a UNAWE session at the local nursery or primary school
  • Organise a UNAWE workshop during the Open House Day of the university or institute
  • Organise a UNAWE workshop at your local community centre or library
  • For expat students: contact your embassy or consulate and organise a UNAWE session for the children of expats
  • Support a local UNAWE teacher training workshop


  • Produce an educational activity guide
  • Translate an existing UNAWE educational resource


  • Support the existing online communication (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other networks)
  • Support the content development for the existing UNAWE websites


  • Develop and support national and global UNAWE projects


How to apply:

Students are invited to submit their application using the following online form:

Current UNAWE Student Ambassadors


Alan García (Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, Guatemala)

Alejandro Cárdenas Avendaño (Konrad Lorenz University) | Project: Astronomy resources and activities in Colombia

Alexander Pietrow (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Sterrenkunde maand basisschool 'de Parachute'

Alexei Pace (University of Malta, Malta)

Ana Claudia Alves Gomes (Louis Cruls School of Astronomy and Astronautics, Brazil)

Antonio Claret dos Santos (Instituto Astrofisica de Andalucia - CSIC, Spain)

Bryan Sangcap Españo (Rizal Technological University, Philippines)

Cahyo Puji Asmoro (Cakrawala, Indonesia)

Camille Ballesteros (University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines)

Daniel Caputo (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

Douglas Alan Ferrari (Instituto Federal Catarinense - Campus Concórdia, Brazil)

El Baze Othmane (Abdelmalek Essadi University, National School for Applied Sciences of Tangier, Morocco)

Fábio Bianchi de Moura (Prefeitura Municipal de Serra, Brazil)

Felix Dhiambo (University of Nairobi, Kenia)

Fis. Rafael Barbabosa (Fama, Mexico)

George Timipre (University Of Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

H. Tugca Sener (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Korea)

Janith Weerasinghe (Foundation of Astronomical Studies and Exploration, Sri Lanka)

Jaya Ramchandani (Leiden University, the Netherlands) | Project: Universe-in-a-box and UNAWE in Timor Lorosae

Jincy Thomas (St.George's H.S.S. Kulathuvayal, India)

Josh Fuchs (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)

Lívia Aceto (Catavento Cultural e Educacional, Brazil)

M. Mani (Annamalai University, India)

Manisha Dwa (Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO), Nepal)

Maria Hammerstrøm (University of Oslo, Norway)

Marissa Rosenberg (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

Mason Carney (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

Michael F. Figueroa (Rizal Technological University, Philippines)

Pedro Vallejo-Ramirez (University of Rochester, USA) 

Sara Jafghali (Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco) | Project: Space Scoop in Arabic

Shadza Mulya (Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia)

Shahreer Zahan (St. Joseph Higher Secondary, Bangladesh)

Sharmae Hajar C. Formanes (Rizal Technological University, Philippines)

Suman Gautam (Global Hands on Universe, Nepal)

Tan Vu Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club
Centre for Young Scientific and Technical Development, Vietnam)

Tiffany Meshkat (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

Vikram Londhe (Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune, India)

Wael Jomni (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Tunisia)

Yumna Majeed (Allama Iqbal Medical College and The Planetary Society, Lahore, Pakistan)

Saif Ullah Khan (Nergis Mavalvala Astronomical Society and The Planetary Society, Lahore, Pakistan)

Zakaria Belhaj (Casablanca Astronomy Association, Morocco) 


Former UNAWE Student Ambassadors


Ainil S. Abdullah (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project:  UNAWE in Timor Lorosae

Arif Solmaz (Turkey) | Project: Space Scoop Translation to Turkish

Arthur Jakobs (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Sterrenkunde maand basisschool 'de Parachute'

Carla Natário (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: UNAWE in Timor Lorosae

Cindy Gunawan (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: UNAWE in Timor Lorosae

Kim Vendel (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Sterrenkunde maand basisschool 'de Parachute'

Maya Barlev (Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA) | Project: Activities for children from inter-city Philadelphia

Marissa Rosenberg (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Developing Educational Materials 

Nikki Zabel (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Sterrenkunde maand basisschool 'de Parachute'

Kim Hoogeboom (Hogeschool Leiden, The Netherlands) | Project: PABO Research Project

Lucia Morganti (Max Planck Institute, Germany) | Project: Space Scoop in Italian

Luis Fernando Sodré Gomes (Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro) | Project: Developing UNAWE in Brazil

Radosław Pior (Astro Arena Portable Planetarium) | Project: Activities for children in Kalisz

Robert Feld (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Sterrenkunde maand basisschool 'de Parachute' | Project: Deadly Moons workshop Wetenschapsdag 2011

Stefan Buysman (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Sterrenkunde maand basisschool 'de Parachute'

Silvia Verdolini (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Italian translations

Wendy Williams (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Developing Concepts for Educational Resources

Sara Khalafinejad (Leiden University, The Netherlands) | Project: Universe-in-a-box (2011-2012)