The Earthball is a fantastic tool for discussing our planet with children, combining playtime with education!

Cecilia Scorza, EU-UNAWE Germany

Space Scoop Newspaper

Sharing the excitement of the latest scientific discoveries is one of the best tools that we have to inspire the public — including young children. The question isn’t whether astronomical news can inspire children, but how we can best communicate this information to youngsters.

Space Scoop is a weekly astronomy news service for children aged 8+, that shares the latest discoveries from 13 astronomical organisations to children around the world. Space Scoop has now produced more than 350 astronomy news stories for young children, successfully tackling a wide variety of subjects — everything from exoplanets to cosmic reionisation.

Our first Space Scoop newspaper, published in March 2018, is a compilation of twelve of the most exciting science stories of the last five years. Download a copy to learn what black holes eat, discover the recipe for life or simply take a journey to the edge of the Universe.


UNAWE & Aneta Margraf-Druć (Leiden University/ Science Now)



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