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Children are full of questions about the world around them. We hope that Space Scoop will answer some of their questions, and encourage them to ask many more.

Pedro Russo, UNAWE Int Project Manager

Read about the latest EU-UNAWE and UNAWE activities taking place around the world, as well as reports about education and astronomy events that our team have attended and want to share with you.

Here you can read the latest Space Scoop, our astronomy news service for children aged 8+. The idea behind Space Scoop is to change how astronomy and space sciences are often presented to young children as historical subjects by sharing with them the exciting new discoveries that are still being made today. We hope that teachers will print the Space Scoops and use them in the classroom to start a discussion about the latest astronomy news.

12 October 2020
1 October 2020

This is the hub for all major announcements about EU-UNAWE and UNAWE, such as news about grants being awarded to the programme, notification about the release of official reports, and welcoming new member counties to our network.