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How to Join the UNAWE Network

Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”

—Carl Sagan


There isn’t a child on Earth that can resist the lure of the Great Unknown and taking them to the stars is the greatest adventure of all. Universe Awareness aims to offer a guided tour to every single child, from every corner of the globe, every cultural background and every social class. But this ambitious mission requires adults who are willing to dedicate time and energy into helping us. If you are part of an institution that engages in astronomy outreach — anything from an amateur astronomy society to a University — and you’re enthusiastic about making astronomy accessible to children in a fun and engaging way, we’d like your help!

Join our renowned international programme as a Universe Awareness National Project Manager and help us use astronomy to inspire underprivileged children, teach them about science and technology and broaden their horizons in social, cultural and geographical ways.

By signing up as a UNAWE National Programme Coordinator (NC) in your home country, you will be expected to develop a sustainable Universe Awareness programme in your area, and not just prepare a single event or activity. Although that is a good place to start!

What we need from you

To take part you first need to check whether there is already a National Coordinator for your country. We require only one NC for each member country, although, exceptions might be considered. You can check the NC status of your country by visiting the ‘Network’ section of our international website, where you will find a list of all UNAWE’s member countries and the contact details for each National Coordinator:

We ask that when you join, you take a minute to send us some basic information to update your NC profile; including your name, institute address, telephone number and email address. By keeping your member profile up-to-date, you are guaranteed access to all of the exclusive benefits and resources that a UNAWE National Coordinator receives. It is also important that you specify the region of your country in which you will be active as NC and whether your activities are carried out at a national, local or regional level. This will help us to determine whether multiple NCs are needed in your country.

How to take part

By becoming a National Project Coordinator you are expected to:

  • Develop a sustainable Universe Awareness programme in your area
  • Organise at least one astronomy activity with children between 4-10 years old every 6 months 
  • Prepare a first activity update in collaboration with UNAWE International office. eg:
  • Submit your activity report:
  • Create a UNAWE page on your institutional/group website, with a list of activities in your country and the UNAWE logo
  • Prepare an annual report each year including your activities and impact figures

If you are ready to join, please send us an email:

These are the absolute minimum requirements to join the UNAWE network. If you don't meet these requirements or if another group becomes more active in your country/ region, another National Coordinator will be appointed to either replace or work alongside you.

What do you gain

Although UNAWE was founded in 2006, it has since grown into the largest organisation for teaching young children about astronomy. Our ever-increasing network currently consists of over 50 member countries and well over 1000 astronomers, educators and communicators helping to carry out the project's ambitious goals.

By becoming a UNAWE National Coordinator you will become part of this large international network of astronomers, educators and communicators, and benefit from a mutual sharing of ideas, knowledge, best practices and resources. You can stay up-to-date with the latest news about astronomy outreach and education, from the latest resources to global events, through our international website at: You will also be eligible to different physical educational resources like Earth Ball or Universe in a Box. Furthermore, when you become NC for your country, you will receive an appointment letter.

So, inspire, educate and, most importantly, have fun!