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It’s wonderful to see teachers leaving our training events with more confidence to tackle astronomy in the classroom.

Westra van Holthe, EU-UNAWE in the Netherlands

Asteroid Day 2017

Universe Awareness is the educational partner of the global awareness programme Asteroid Day, that will take place on 30 June 2017. For this event, Universe Awareness has developed educational resources for children, in collaboration with LCOGT. Check out our Asteroid Day resources below! 

Learning About Asteroids Through Art

In this activity, for ages 4 and up, participants learn about the characteristics and location of asteroids and build their own model asteroid using clay. Check out the activity here.

Making asteroids with clay

Asteroids & Lunar Landscape

In this 30 to 45 minute activity, students (in teams of 4-5) experiment to create craters and learn about the landscape of the moon. The students make observations on how the size and mass, direction, and velocity of the projectile impacts the size and shape of the crater. Check out the activity here.

Making moon craters with asteroids

Live Asteroid Tracking with LCO

Join our international campaign to observe Near Earth Asteroids with Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO). Las Cumbres Observatory and UNAWE are providing the opportunity for children, educators and parents to observe real asteroids on Asteroid Day! Visit the Asteroid Day project website to get images and track asteroids, using Las Cumbres Observatory's global robotic telescope network. It’s just the click of a button away!

Explore Asteroids on Space Scoop

Visit the Space Scoop website and find exciting news stories about asteroids by exploring the Asteroids topic. You can also do the Space Scoop Storytelling activity.

Rings around an asteroid



This project was developed in collaboration with Asteroid Day and LCO.

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