The Earthball is a fantastic tool for discussing our planet with children, combining playtime with education!

Cecilia Scorza, EU-UNAWE Germany

The Awesome Amateur Astronomer!

Curious about the Universe, but don’t know where to start?

This 10-step guide will introduce you to every aspect of astronomy—the study of our wonderful cosmos! Each step has a list of things you can do to conquer that topic and a badge you can earn to show you've reached that level of awesomeness! To collect the badge simply prove your knowledge on the topic at hand by completing the assignment, which you can find below the badge. When you have collected all 10 badges, you get the superbadge, declaring you the awesome amateur astronomer that you’ll be! Then you can also join the ranks of other awesome people on the Wall of Awesome Amateur Astronomers! Just print these steps off to get started!





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