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The Twist Marks the Spot
20 May 2020
Thousands of exoplanets have been found so far, but we still know little about how they are formed. What we do know is that planets are born in dusty discs surrounding young stars. This happens when cold gas and dust clump together. By closely examining this nursery, astronomers now hope to understand how they are born. Astronomers have never observed direct evidence of a baby planet coming into existence within such a disc, until now.

Space Scoop (Italian)

Here you can read the latest Space Scoop, our astronomy news service for children aged 8 and above. The idea behind Space Scoop is to change the way science is often perceived by young children as an outdated and dull subject. By sharing exciting new astronomical discoveries with them, we can inspire children to develop an interest in science and technology. Space Scoop makes a wonderful tool that can be used in the classroom to teach and discuss the latest astronomy news. 

Visit our brand new Space Scoop website for children:

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Occhio al vortice: nasconde un pianeta!
20 May 2020:
Un valzer stellare
6 May 2020:
Buon Compleanno Hubble!
24 April 2020:
Impatti Cosmici
20 April 2020:
Una forza incontenibile
9 April 2020:
Una Geometria dell’altro mondo
3 April 2020:
Mostri medi, grandi misteri
30 March 2020:
Basta un poco di… polvere!
26 March 2020:
Metamorfosi stellare
20 March 2020:
Un acquazzone rovente
11 March 2020:
Melma spaziale
10 March 2020:
Quando qualcosa si crea dal nulla
5 March 2020:
Un comportamento anomalo
19 February 2020:
Mettetevi gli Occhiali da Sole!
6 February 2020:
Viavai nel cielo
27 January 2020:
Nascondino con i buchi neri
20 January 2020:
Inquinamento Galattico
14 January 2020:
Un gigante gentile
6 January 2020:
Cosa mangia a colazione un buco nero?
20 December 2019:
Graffiti cosmici
16 December 2019:
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