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A Mysterious Planet Nursery
6 December 2019
For a long time we've known that planets form and live around stars. For example, the Sun is the parent star of all the planets in our Solar System. But now, astronomers have found clues that planets may be tougher than we thought and could even have formed in the harshest conditions known in the Universe.

Space Scoop (Swahili)

Here you can read the latest Space Scoop, our astronomy news service for children aged 8 and above. The idea behind Space Scoop is to change the way science is often perceived by young children as an outdated and dull subject. By sharing exciting new astronomical discoveries with them, we can inspire children to develop an interest in science and technology. Space Scoop makes a wonderful tool that can be used in the classroom to teach and discuss the latest astronomy news. 

Visit our brand new Space Scoop website for children:

Now you can read Space Scoop on your Android device here.

Space Scoop is available in the following languages:

English, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Farsi, French, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, K’iche’, Romanian, Russian, Sinhalese, Slovenian, Swahili, Tamil, Tetum, Turkish, Tz’utujil, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh

Siri za Dunia ya Mbali
11 October 2012:
Muwinda Vipepeo
10 October 2012:
10 October 2012:
Kuangalia Ndege Angani
26 September 2012:
Anga Inazeeka!
12 September 2012:
Nyota Yenye Siri
5 September 2012:
Rangi Zinazozidi za Upinde wa Mvua
30 August 2012:
Uvumbuzi wa Sukari Angani
29 August 2012:
Tafadhali Usizime Mziki!
15 August 2012:
Kwanini Anga ni Nyeusi Usiku?
15 August 2012:
Kabla Haijawa Maarufu
5 August 2012:
Watafuta Supanova!
1 August 2012:
Ung’avu wa Nyota na Jotoridi!
26 July 2012:
Miji ya Mizimu Angani!
11 July 2012:
Mbio za Nyota Angani
28 June 2012:
Kutumia Mwanga Kuchunguza Sayari za Mbali
27 June 2012:
Regista ya Ulimwengu
20 June 2012:
Injini za Anga zina Nguvu kuliko za Kampuni za Roketi!
7 June 2012:
Kuangalia Vitu Katika Mwanga Tofauti
31 May 2012:
Timu A ni ya Kimataifa
23 May 2012:
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