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Indonesian children learn about extraterrestrial life
23 July 2018

Do UFO's exist? Avivah Yamani, UNAWE's network member from Indonesia, answered this question asked by an Indonesian child on the Anak Bertanya website — a website for Indonesian children where they can get there questions answered by experts. The website is meant for children age 10 to 12 that are curious about many things in life, such as the universe, the environment, human behaviour, arts, etc.

Yamani's answer to this interesting question has been turned into a book and corresponding audiobook. In this book, some children spot a curious object flying around. They start wondering what it could be and ask their teacher if she knows. The teachers explains that it could be anything. Although there is no proof that aliens fly in UFO's or even exist, astronomers do search for life on exoplanets.

Anak Bertanya decided to turn the blog post about UFO's into a book, since it was a very interesting subject and they aimed to reach the Indonesian children that have no access to the internet too. The books are designed with many images to make it attractive to children. To reach even more children, i.e those that cannot read yet, there is also an audiobook version.

This book is one of the series of two books published on a blog post on the Anak Bertanya website. The other book is called What do you want to be when you grow up?. Moreover, six books have been published from the compilations of the most interesting questions from the website. These books are published in pairs: one on natural sciences and one on social sciences. Indonesia's free cargo literacy project made it possible to send the Anak Bertanya books for free to libraries in Indonesia.

With their website and these books, Anak Bertanya is building on Indonesian science literacy. In total, Anak Bertanya has already sent more than 15,000 books to over 950 library's all around Indonesia. To be able to achieve this, they worked together with the Indonesia Post Office and Pustaka Bergerak, the Moving Library.

The questions on the Anak Bertanya website are not only answered by experts to be sure that the answers are correct. More importantly, in this way children get in contact with people in a specific profession which might inspire them to learn more about this field. Not only the answer to the question is explained; also the profession of the expert is described in more depth.




Do UFO's exist?
Do UFO's exist?
Do UFO's exist?
Do UFO's exist?
Series of two compilation books
Series of two compilation books