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UNAWE 2012 Impact Figures: A Very Productive Year!
31 January 2013

To mark the end of a very busy and successful year inspiring young children with the delights of the Universe, we have gathered information from all corners of the extensive UNAWE international network to find out exactly what impact the project has had throughout 2012.

We asked each national UNAWE project to tell us exactly how many teachers and children they have educated and inspired, which activities were carried out and how many schools invited held UNAWE events. With this information we can better understand our successes, our failures and, most importantly, our audience; so that we can tailor our efforts to specifically answer your needs in the coming year. With this in mind, we are very excited to share with you UNAWE's global impact numbers for 2012!


Universe Awareness' 2012 Impact Figures: one of our most productive years yet!

2012 has been one of the UNAWE's most productive years yet, in all aspects of the project. Our intentional network has expanded by more than one third, bringing in a fresh crowd to enjoy the resources and news on our international and national websites. Educational activities and teacher training events have been taking place non-stop throughout the year and behind the scenes we've been busy designing an array of exciting new educational resources!

In light of these achievements we'd like to say a huge thank you to our dedicated community, our motivated and creative network of educators, communicators and students; and of course, to all the enthusiastic children and teachers that have taken part in UNAWE activities throughout 2012! Finally, we'd like to give a special mention to the UNAWE Venezuela team, who alone managed to reach over 40,000 children this year!

Why not contribute to the programme throughout 2013? There are a number of ways that you could take part: join the student ambassador programme, translate educational resources, organise events in your local area or help out at existing activities — the list goes on! Just contact us at for more information and you can help us reach even more children this year!

The raw data of the UNAWE 2012 impact figures can be found here.  


Sarah Eve Roberts



UNAWE 2012 Impact Figures
UNAWE 2012 Impact Figures
UNAWE's 2012 Global Impact
UNAWE's 2012 Global Impact