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Universe Awareness Welcomes Pakistan to the Team!
24 June 2013

Just seven years since its inception, Universe Awareness now comprises a thriving network of over 800 astronomers, educators and communicators, all working hard to spark a lifelong curiosity about our Universe in young children. We are now very pleased to welcome Pakistan as country number 55 to join us in this endeavour.

Muhammad Raza Khan of the Infinite Astronomical Society of Pakistan will be taking on the role of the country's National Project Manager, reflecting UNAWE's goals to promote astronomy and space science education by designing educational activity, hosting workshops and training sessions and establishing an educational observatory. A list of aspirations the group are already well under-way to attaining.

The society headed by Khan held an astronomical is already actively working to motive youths to explore the scientific minds and learn about the cosmos. To do this they offer a range of research programme throughout the year. These include themselves Gnomon Science project which invited students to conduct experiments to prove that the Earth is round. In April 2013 a Sun viewing project took place in Lahore, Pakistan introducing children to the Sun and taking them on a tour of our Solar System. Additionally the society offers a research project for slightly older secondary school students, giving them the opportunity to use the scientific method when take measurements of the Sun, in the aim of establishing a relationship between the altitude and temperature of the Sun.

If you live in Pakistan and want to get involved with the UNAWE project, you can find Khan's contact details here for advice and support. Or learn more about how to get involved with the project on our website.


Sarah Eve Roberts



Universe Awareness Welcomes Pakistan to the Team!
Universe Awareness Welcomes Pakistan to the Team!
Viewing the Sun in Pakistan
Viewing the Sun in Pakistan