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Swiss High School Students Organise Educational Activities in Mayotte
28 September 2018


Swiss High School Students Organise Educational Activities in Mayotte
28 September 2018
The sky is not the limit: 230 000 people reached by Space Awareness
13 September 2018
Applications for the ESA-Galileo Teachers Training Workshop Open
8 September 2018
Win a Telescope Signed by Astronauts
7 September 2018
Space Scoop Newspaper: Childrens' Astronomy News Now in Print
3 September 2018
Special IAU Prize Awarded to First Universe Awareness Project Manager
31 August 2018
Clean up your space for amazing prizes
31 July 2018
Indonesian children learn about extraterrestrial life
23 July 2018
Teachers Get More Comfortable With Teaching Space
3 July 2018
Fragility of our planet stressed in book by UNAWE Bengali representative
20 June 2018
Children all around the world learn about science with Ada's adventures comic book
12 June 2018
OSOS Summer School supports teachers in innovating their school
8 June 2018
Bringing Black Holes To Your Classroom
4 June 2018
Astronomy For Peace At The Island Of Cyprus
28 May 2018
The Astronomy & Society Group presents UNAWE at Scientix 2018
9 May 2018
Universe Awareness presents astronomy education resources at BIUST STEM Festival 2018
2 May 2018
Celebrate International Women's Day With Space Girls And Space Women
8 March 2018
Cutting edge science research to broaden youth participation in science & technology fields
19 February 2018
ESA’s 2018 Summer And Autumn Teacher Workshops
9 February 2018
UNAWE Clubs Inspire Secondary School Students In Tanzania
8 February 2018
Deadly Moons Workshops In Ireland Rise Again
5 February 2018
Colombian Children Explore Solar System with UNAWE educational resources
2 February 2018
South Korea Teacher Includes Universe In A Box In Curriculum
29 January 2018
National Coordinator Sudan Shares Educational Resources With UNAWE Community
26 January 2018
UNAWE Ambassador Sobina Organised World Space Week Quiz In The Philippines
16 January 2018
2018 International Science Education and Public Outreach Events
12 January 2018
Singing Stars At ‘Story Of Space’ Astronomy Festival By UNAWE Ambassador
9 January 2018
GalileoMobile Shares New Documentary ‘The Path Of The Stars’
20 December 2017
World Space Week Rebrands With New Visual Identity
19 December 2017
World Day Of The Sun Features Universe Awareness Resources
14 December 2017
Universe Awareness Founder George Miley Receives Honorary Doctorate
11 December 2017
Five More Winners of the Telescope Competition 2017
4 December 2017
UNAWE Earth Ball at ESA/GTTP Teacher Training Workshop 2017
27 November 2017
Sky Stories By Philippine Kids Made Into Story Book
24 November 2017
Children Take Over Schools To Celebrate World Children’s Day 2017
20 November 2017
Review: Galactic Genius With Professor Astro Cat
17 November 2017
Verwonderpaspoort Wins Museumeducation Prize 2017
13 November 2017
World Science Day for Peace and Development 2017
9 November 2017
Webinar: Impact Craters - Scientist in Your Classroom
6 November 2017
Winners of the Win Your Own Telescope Competition 2017
3 November 2017
Report Series: UNAWE Pakistan's World Space Week 2017
26 October 2017
Student Ambassadors Use Universe In A Box At World Space Week Event In Pakistan
26 October 2017
Solar Observation Event Hosted By Student Ambassadors At Pakistan High School
26 October 2017
Space Science Outreach By Student Ambassadors At Pakistan Sweet Homes NGO
26 October 2017
Pakistan Student Ambassadors Revisit Local Neighbourhood With Lunar Telescope
26 October 2017
World Space Week 2017 Solar Observation At School In Pakistan
26 October 2017
Pakistan Student Ambassadors Organise Lunar Observation In Local Neighbourhood
26 October 2017
Rosetta Toy Activity At EU Researchers’ Night In Greece
20 October 2017
Sudan Welcomed As Member Country Of The Universe Awareness Network
18 October 2017
Explore New Worlds in the Universe During World Space Week 2017
29 September 2017
Europlanet Launches Exciting Animation on Astrobiology
21 September 2017
South Korea Joins Universe Awareness as New Member Country
15 September 2017
Astronomy Outreach Report from Pakistan’s newest UNAWE Student Ambassador
7 September 2017
Stars Shine For Everyone and Science 4 Girls projects Recognised by European Astronaut Centre
31 August 2017
Experience the 21 August Total Solar Eclipse from Anywhere
17 August 2017
Universe Awareness International Community Reach in 2016!
2 August 2017
Nepal Solar Observation: Volunteers Reach Out With Astronomy
27 July 2017
IAU-OAD’s Looking ...Up! International Competition: Create an Educational Video
19 July 2017
First Open Science Centre Engages Rural Communities with Science, Technology and Innovation
13 July 2017
Student Ambassador Organises Night Sky Observation Programme in Urban Slums and Villages in India
5 July 2017
Stars and Storytelling for Cancer Patients in Philippine Hospitals by UNAWE Student Ambassadors
3 July 2017
Workshop In Bangladesh Features NASA Planet Hunter Educators Guide
22 June 2017
SpaceBus Caravan Inspires with Space Sciences in Morocco
16 June 2017
Atlas of the Future features Universe in a Box
14 June 2017
Win Your Own Telescope Competition 2017
8 June 2017
Participate Now In The 3rd Space Awareness MOOC!
1 June 2017
New Astronomy Books for Children Now Available in English
18 May 2017
GalileoMobile’s Columba-Hypatia Project uses Astronomy for Peace in Cyprus
12 May 2017
Space Awareness hosted walk-in workshop at EU Open Doors 2017
11 May 2017
Webinar: Gender Stereotypes In STEM Education And How To Counteract Them
10 May 2017
Proyecto Miradas Releases Documentary on Argentinian Television
10 May 2017
Observatory Establishes Astronomy Library Corner in South Africa
6 May 2017
Winners of the Design A Rosetta Toy Activity Contest
4 May 2017
Asteroid named after UNAWE community member
3 May 2017
Space Scoop Now Has Eyes on the Earth
25 April 2017
Susan the Astronomer Inspires Kenya with Travelling Telescope and Universe in a Box
20 April 2017
Bangladesh’s Journey to the Universe
13 April 2017
Astronomical Observatory Empowers Local Community in Timor, Indonesia with STEAM education
7 April 2017
Little Spaceoneers: Kids Comics for Future Space Pioneers
23 March 2017
UNAWE Student Ambassador Yumna Reaches Out in Pakistan
22 March 2017
New DOT Magazine going to Space!
9 March 2017
Contest: Design A Rosetta Toy Activity!
28 February 2017
Conclusion of the Rosetta Strato Crowdfunding Campaign
24 February 2017
Video release - Neutron Stars Are Weird!
23 February 2017
Registration for 'Navigation Through the Ages' online course is now open!
1 February 2017
Teachers Can Apply to Erasmus+ Grant to Attend Mars Mission Summer School until 2 February
19 January 2017
Three Years of Space Stories in Kids Magazine Anorak
12 January 2017
The 2016 Learning Zone Minecraft Oceans Competition
21 December 2016
Space Scoop International Comic Contest – Winners!
9 December 2016
GalileoMobile Constellation shares astronomy with Amazonian children
1 December 2016
Students in Ukraine see the Sky through a Telescope for the First Time!
17 November 2016
1000 Students Celebrate the Year of Light in European Primary School Project
10 November 2016
Students from 30 Countries Participate in Space Scoop Comic Contest: Two Weeks Left to Join!
7 November 2016
Rosetta Strato Crowdfunding Campaign for UNAWE
4 November 2016
Announcing new video: Inspiring Every Child With our Wonderful Cosmos
18 October 2016
Refugee children explore cosmos with Universe Awareness
17 October 2016
Awesome Moons
10 October 2016
UNAWE Featured in ESA Citizens' Debate on Space Magazine
6 October 2016
Meet Our Summer Intern: Kodai Fukushima
28 September 2016
Universe in a Box in the City of Children
26 September 2016
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